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Flame Control

OMNI is the only waste oil burner manufacturer who can say without equivocation it's oil preheater block absolutely will not carbon the oil internally due to its patented design. Therefore, the industry normal removal of carbon in the preheater block is not necessary. This design ensures that OMNI customers will never need to remove the burner for periodic carbon cleaning!

Our System Results in These Benefits:


Non-carboning oil heater block / Industry normal cleaning not required • Most thorough burn greatly reducing ash deposits
Less stress on metals preventing over fire after initial flame adjustment / No target burn-out
Clean heater once a season under normal conditions • The most reliable and consistent operation • Greatest efficiency
Only system that burns 90 weight oils

The OMNI Flame Control System is a patented system that consists of an Oil Flow Supply Pump and a Non-Carboning Oil Preheater that controls the fuel by volume. No Adjustments needed for various viscosities. The Flame Control System comes standard with all OMNI equipment. This system can also be purchased separately with a universal burner mounting flange allowing easy retrofitting of our burner system to various configurations and sizes of combustion chambers. Initial flame adjustment is all that is needed with complete control thereafter.

Variably controlled waste oil pump. This Remote flow control pump supplies the exact gallons of oil per hour to each waste oil burning appliance, regardless of viscosity. This pump is to be located at oil supply tank and is capable of pushing 100's of feet to the used oil firing unit. Unique ability to adjust for every application unique to customer.

There are many who have easy access to their oil preheater block, but cleaning the hard lava-like carbon is not an easy task. Others request the entire burner be serviced at least annually. Part of that service is flushing their oil preheater block of carbon buildup. Some must do this more than others, as frequently as twice a season. Fully cleaning and removing carbon is a difficult chore. Even after cleaning, carbon chunk particles can remain. Shortly after service, they can plug the oil nozzle, shutting the unit down. This causes a lot of down time and repeat service, not experienced with OMNI units.

Additionally, some manufacturers request their customers shut the unit down during the summer months to eliminate the carboning process. This is not necessary if the heater block assembly is Econoheat's OMNI system. Just leave your unit on and it will automatically start by the thermostat when heat is needed. OMNI burners do no need to be torn apart to access the heater block for cleaning. These are a few of the operating procedures COMPETITORS believes are standard; NOT WITH OMNI!

EconoHeat has designed and constructed Waste Oil Burning Equipment that reach a level of performance the industry previously considered unattainable!


A few reasons to choose Omni products

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