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Portable Waste Oil Heaters

Heat anywhere with this portable waste oil heater. Mobile and self contained for use on job sites and other outdoor or very well ventilated applications. Use a variety of fuels to produce up o 150,000 BTU's per hour. Enjoy years of FREE RADIANT HEAT, low maintenance and clean waste oil burning.

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Sunlight Warmth


Radiant heat penetrates evenly on surface like the sun.

Heat Transfer

The infrared heat transfers straight and directly to the object.

Outdoor Performance


The best choice for outdoor use, where the OMNI gets no influence of the wind, unlike the forced air type heater which loses the heat by wind and cold air.

Easy and Speedy


The OMNI Radiant Heater can start up or shut off in 5 to 6 minutes, and reaches peak heating efficiency in just a couple of minutes.

Quick Set Up

Just Plug it in and Start it Up

Application & Purposes

  • Factory, Plant, Workshop
    (Only if Extremely Well Ventilated)

  • For Use Outdoors

  • Construction Site

  • Drying of Paints and Adhesive

  • Warm up athletes at sports playing area
    (baseball stadium, football, soccer ground,
    golf driving range, skiing, ice-skating)

  • Outdoor Party

  • Mines

  • Asphalt and Concrete Preparation

  • Military

  • Airline Companies (warming up engines)

Dust Free

OMNI only sends the heat forward. Dust free and clean.

Smokeless While Burning

When properly adjusted, the OMNI Radiant doesn't produce smoke when it burns. It sends only the heat forward with the exhaust gases going upward.

WR-150 Radiant Outdoor Waste Oil Heater Specifications

Heat Output                                                                                                             43.96 KW/h 33,50 Kcal/h

Nozzle                                                             Syphoning Nozzle - Air and Oil Type 9-5 Varible Flow Rate

Fuel                                                                                                                 Waste Oils / Deisel / Kerosene

Tank Capacity                                                                                                                                64.35 Litres

Power Source                                                                                                                                           1 KW

Control System                                                                                       5sec. prepurge 180sec. postpurge

Monitoring System                                                     Photocell flame monitor, 3A fuse, Vibration sensor

Burner Type                                                                          Compressure air atomized waste oil burning

External Dimensions                                                                                (LxWxH)1270 x 711 x 863.5 (mm)

Dry Weight                                                                                                                                           81.65Kg

For a full specification sheet of the WR-150 model click here. (PDF viewer required)

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