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Early Econo Heat waste oil fired heaters utilized our patented hydraulic or (high pressure) atomization burners matched with cabinets purchased from Reznor of Mercer, PA. We experienced fair success. Although it required higher preheated oil temperatures resulting in carbonizing and ultimately plugging of the nozzle.


Our R & D department felt the system required cleaning too frequently! So, it began designing a system that would allow for a reduction of the oil temperature, which would reduce carbon build up and extend cleaning intervals. With what had been learned from this system, specifically its need to have an exact oil preheat temperature, for adequate atomization of oil spray. Incorporating that heat control technology, and adding air at the nozzle to aid the oil flow spray (atomization), we were able to reduce the oils preheat temperature and the oil pressure.

The result was the only waste oil fired air induced low oil pressure burner in this relatively new industry, that would not carbon the passageways of the oil preheater block. Instead of increasing the cleaning intervals, we went a step further and eliminated it entirely.

Since the burner was a big engineering success, Econo Heat requested that Underwriters Laboratories evaluate its products for U.L. approval. U.L. not having waste oil burning appliance standards, applied existing U.L. standards of conventional oil fired appliances. All tests were positive and U.L. listing for safety was granted in 1986, first in the industry! We set the standards, which others found difficult to conform to. However, after sometime they eventually did.

Having the U.L. listing was an advantage, because of this F.L. Reznor came to us with an offer to purchase a license from Econo Heat for the manufacture and marketing rights to our waste oil heater. We accepted the offer.

During a 3 year tenure of a 10 year contract with Reznor, we experienced too many conflicts of opinion regarding our heater’s construction. We severed relations, thus canceling our agreement, regaining our patent rights to the burners.

By taking into account the short comings of all waste oil heaters being sold, we designed a completely new combustion chamber. Then we adapted our time tested and proven burners. The result… the OMNI waste oil heater by Econo Heat, Inc. After 25 years of sales, OMNI has outperformed our expectations.

In 1992 we saw a strong need for an oil flow control supply pump that could be adjusted to any gallon per hour requirement, with absolute control of the fuel flow, that can be adapted with any existing oil fired appliance. Econo Heat’s R & D department set forth in developing such a system. They did and in 1993 obtained yet another patent. This system eliminates the need for oil flow adjustments to compensate for fuels of different viscosities and altitude variances, as well as pump wear increasing its life. Less revolutions and when wear does occur, it can be adjusted to compensate resulting flow reduction. Once adjusted still experiencing absolute flame control.

In 1997, Econo Heat acted on the request it had for an air conditioner in this waste oil burning industry. Once again, we proceeded to develop such a system employing the use of the Robur (Servel) gas fired absorption chillers – a well established name in that industry. We removed their conventional gas fired portion and simply adapted our waste oil fired system technology. The result… the world’s first waste oil fired air conditioner! This was patented in 1998.

Econo Heat and the Omni brand have continued to expand their infrastructure by doing business in all of the United States, Canada and internationally. We are approved and listed in several countries including but not limited to Russia, Ireland, The UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc. We continue to transcend the art of burning waste oil while others regress. Omni has the highest return on investment with the least amount of maintenance. Striving for perfection is our standard.

Econo Heat is presently selling in Europe and Japan, providing models to accommodate their voltage differences.


* 1986 – First UL listed waste oil fired furnace setting an industry standard.
* 1989 – First waste oil burner complete system patent.
* 1990 – First & only patented non-carboning pre-heater block design.
* 1992 – First UL Listed waste oil fired boilers.
* 1993 – First patented oil flow control supply pump, adjustable for any application.
* 1996 – First & Only Portable Radiant waste oil heater.
* 1998 – First & only patented waste oil fired air conditioner. Still the only one in existence.
* 2003 – First & only Bi-Directional waste oil furnace that blows hot air on both sides of the heater.
* 2010 – First & only double swing out doors for easy chamber access and maintenance.
* 2015 – Worlds smallest, first and only 75,000 BTU waste oil fired heater.

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