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Omni Waste Oil Heaters

For a full comparison sheet with all the models below click here.

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The OWH-75

KW'S/HR INPUT                                                21.98

KW'S/HR OUTPUT                                            17.58

LITRES PER HOUR                                              1.89

VOLTAGE REQUIREMENTS                               115

AMPS FULL LOAD with Pump                           10.5

FAN MOTOR HP                                                1/10

FAN MOTOR RPM                                            1625

FAN DIA/PITCH                                               14/23

CFM W/ DUCTWORK PER 100 FT                    N/A

EFFECTIVE AIR FLOW                                     50 FT

FLUE SIZE                                                               6"

WEIGHT W/ BURNER                                 58.97KG

SHIPPING WEIGHT                                     68.04KG

DIMENSIONS L/W/H              1207 / 559 / 712 MM

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS L/W/H              1220/572/712MM

Optional: Bi-Directional Heat Throw Capability (Learn More)                                   N/A


Every OMNI waste oil heater is built with high grade stainless steel, and is backed with a with a 15 year warranty to match (longest in the industry). From the Floating Crimped Heater Exchangers, to the Patented Flame Control System, our waste oil heaters will provide you with long lasting ROI.

Low Maintenance

You will find our Flame Control System cuts out much of the time consuming and costly maintenance incurred with many other waste oil heaters. By precisely controlling the temperature of the waste oil before ignition, the OMNI will not only burn much more consistently, but is completely free of carbon build up which clogs the block. For the small amount of heater maintenance needed, there is a guide on the easy access burner panel to help you through. We would rather make it easy for you to clean yourself than be charged for costly service calls.

High Output

With tuned axial fans and the large vent area design, OMNI Waste Oil Heaters have the highest warm air output, most CFM's and quickest recovery times in the industry. This means less waste oil burnt, less run-time, less electricity used, and less wear and tear on the equipment for an overall better experience.

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